Adam’s Retroverse DM Blog: Entry 7

Entry 7: Quadrant Contents - The Dreadlands












     With The Dreadlands, I wanted to cram all of the horror tropes I could into one location. The evil here bides its time and makes itself know only when necessary or to gain the upper hand in a moment of surprise. It is insidious. I fully expect that adventures set here will contain some of the most disturbing things my players will face.  


  • The Dreadlands were once a quadrant comprised of mostly land, but during a Shift some countless years ago, it became bordered by both the Iosian and Tangaroan Seas on its northern and southern edges, respectively. Some 60% of the landmass was below sea-level, unfortunately, and thus succumbed to the immediate and vicious tsunamis that raced across the land, devastating everything in their path towards the inevitable, calamitous clash at the Quadrant’s equator. Countless lives were lost in the torrent, and many a sailor still claims that their tortured, drowned screams and cries for help echo across the water to this day. The sea-faring folk also believe that the amount of chaotic, negative energy that erupted from the tragedy was enough to taint the whole quadrant with pain, horror, and spite.


  • The Reliant Ocean is so named for the role its waters play in many fishing communities who, indeed, rely on the sea for food and trade for their survival. Its waters are a light aquamarine on a rare cloudless day, and an eerie green on all the rest. Even at night, there is a certain jade glow ever always on the horizon, bifurcating the mantle of dark, storm-like clouds and the often turbulent, murky waters. Who knows what riches (or terrors) lie below, begging to be discovered, yearning to rise from the depths?


  • Port Kingsmouth sits nestled on the norther portion land that remained unscathed by the flooding long ago. It is a quiet fishing town (although certainly the largest) with buildings structured in the New England style. It is also home to the relatively small, yet still prestigious, Azathothatonic University.


  • Serenity Island Psychiatric Institution is the premiere mental hospital in this corner of the Retroverse. Their patients enjoy stunning vistas of the ocean, three nutritional (and delicious!) meals a day, comfortable and spacious living arrangements, a diverse number of productive, entertaining, and educational activities, and (most importantly!) excellent care from the ‘Verse’s leading practioners in the field of mental health! “Seekers after peace roam strange, far places!”


  • Cliffmont is a town full of youth and the joys and experiences of suburban life! Cliffmont High School is its largest institution (and famed for its undefeated varsity football team, the Bobcats), educating the young minds of the city and preparing them for the responsibilities of adulthood! At least…that what the parents want. In actuality, the nature of events that occur in this town make it seem stuck in some strange coming-of-age movie. It gives off vibes of rebellious teens striving to live “the best years of their lives” to the fullest. Within its bounds exist all the amenities of an idyllic American town: the cinema, the more iconic drive-in cinema, the local mall, Cliffmont High School, City Hall, Eddie’s Juice Bar and the all-important hang-out spot, Lovers’ Ridge.


  • Sleepy Knoll is yet another suburban town located southeast of Cliffmont. The Sleepy Knoll Cavaliers might not be anywhere close to the Cliffmont Bobcats when comparing athletic prowess, but at least they try! Sleepy Knoll High School does, however, excel at producing top-notch students, many of which go on to attend Azathothatonic and Kingston Universities, or The Arcane College of Hoghold at Scholomance. The town’s architecture is decidedly more gothic with unsubtle displays of Expressionism and the common sight of either a striped or checkered black and white pattern found in the inhabitants’ design and fashion choices.


  • Tillerman Woods/Buckner Mountains intermingle with one another east of Cliffmont and north of Sleepy Knoll.


  • Krev Castle. A remnant of a time before the flooding/creation of The Dreadlands.