Adam’s Retroverse DM Blog: Entry 6

Entry 6: Quadrant Contents - The Sludge Pits












     I love Mordor.

     I love Mordor SO much, that it was one of my favorite factions to play in Battle for Middle-Earth II, and I’d like to have that chance again in a Battle for Middle-Earth III (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, developers and rights holders…).

     In fact, the concept for Mordor so influenced me and my ideas of fantasy “evil” that I wanted, nay, NEEDED a realm of ULTIMATE EVIL. It had to be more(dor) than just another Mordor. Welcome to the Sludge Pits.


  • The Sludge Pits. It is agreed upon by nearly all scholarly minds in the Retroverse that no known Quadrant on any Face of the Cube harbors a greater collection of vile, evil essence than The Sludge Pits. A wasteland of dusty hills hued in a sickly mauve and pock-marked by puddles, ponds, lakes, and other “waterways” of lime green, radioactive sludge, this realm is Hell incarnate for anyone with a conscience and/or a strong concern for their overall health. Those who willingly venture here are often of the nefarious sort, and those who stay are often the most depraved, wicked, abominable, and loathsome denizens one could ever meet here or in any ‘Verse.


  • Mt. Ronkin. On the eastern end of the great northern mountain range that spans from Iosia to the center of The Sludge Pits towers the spewing blemish that is Mt. Ronkin. It is a boiling volcano that has known no dormancy since its formation. From its corrupted caldera oozes the slurry of radioactive fluids which flows down its slopes and cuts through the land in viscous rivers to fill the various reservoirs and permeate the soil. To pilgrimage here is to consign oneself to death, but members of the Cult of Sludge from all over Face 5 choose this fate to reach an apotheosis of sorts. They believe that by hurling their ailing, tumor-ridden bodies into the volcano’s mouth, they will ascend to an enlightened state and learn the secrets of The Cube and the meaning of life in The Retroverse.


  • The Waste of Waste. Littering the land in a miles-wide line from the southern slopes of Mt. Ronkin to the quadrant’s southern edge is a vast junkyard where garbage, trash, scrap, and other refuse from all Quadrants on Face 5 is sent to rot in a veritable moor of debris. The stench in this plain is a phenomenal miasma that chokes the immediate atmosphere. Few travelers who safely cross will leave with their health intact. This blighted bin of rubbish serves as home to the most wretched and unwanted of people as they vie for survival every waking moment in a land that makes the crumbling concrete jungle of Old Metro seem like an estate of bourgeois palaces. One must be wary of covens of Trash Hags and the grimy displays of their dark arts, or the packs of territorial orphans whose tribes are governed by strict, inscrutable, and often brutal rules and laws of their own design.


  • Thornwood. Just west and slightly north of the volcano lies a sprawling thicket of prickly brambles and razor-sharp barbs not uncommonly the size of spearheads. When trimmed back or hewn down, the branches and stumps often secrete a sap suffused with radioactive material absorbed by the entanglement of parched roots below in their search for any form of liquid sustenance.


  • Bog of Decay. In the Quadrant’s northeast corner lies a delta filled with monstrous beasts who have been warped and mutated by the polluted waters through which they must wade and swim. Solid ground in this swampy land is a rare sight to behold, and imperceptible mires of quicksand threaten to drag passersby into their depths.


  • 5K Island. This five-kilometer-long island is the sight of the 5K Island Nuclear Power Plant. This facility is owned and managed by one Mr. Richard Birmingham Smolders, and provides power for nearly all of Megalopolitan Plains.


  • Isle of Malice. A lonely island surrounded by a sea of sludge from which no known visitor has returned.